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Barcelona’s country houses

13 November, 2015 | Unknown City
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Barcelona stands on a plain which is almost 100 square kilometres, delimited by the Llobregat river to the south west, the Besòs river to the north east, the Collserola mountain range to the north west and the sea to the south east. The Roman colony founded by August which was the origin of the city took up a small area next to the sea. The rest of the plain was … Read more…

A new book reveals the nooks and corners of Les Corts’ neighbourhoods

2 December, 2013 | Unknown City, Your City Council

“To get an idea of what it was like up to the beginning of the 19th century, we have to imagine a present-day village with fewer than a thousand inhabitants from the interior of Catalonia, with a small urban centre and the rest of the population scattered about in houses surrounded by fields”. Although it may seem unlikely, these lines are describing Les Corts, one of the municipalities swallowed up … Read more…

The birth of greater Barcelona

27 January, 2012 | Unknown City

During his official opening speech for last year’s La Mercè festival, Joaquim Maria Puyal focused on the big urban developments, promoted by visionaries, that have led to historical changes in the city. He was referring to the building of the wall in the 14th century that brought Raval within its perimeters, Cerdà’s expansion district, the Eixample, and the transformation that took place in preparation for the 1992 Olympic Games. If … Read more…