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Gabriel Casas, the photographer of the impossible angle

22 April, 2016 | Barcelona People, Unknown City
Gabriel Casas. Autoretrat, 1931. Arxiu Nacional de Catalunya.

Barcelona’s Gabriel Casas was one of the most important and prolific photojournalists in the 1920s. He had the ability to create dynamic photos, something highly sought-after by newspapers and institutions at the time. The book Gabriel Casas. 1892-1973. L’angle imposible offers a collection of work by a photojournalist who is little-known, but who marked a turning point in this field. It contains over 140 historical photos with a variety of … Read more…

A portrait of the city in 300 photos

3 February, 2015 | Barcelona People, Unknown City, Your City Council
Autor desconocido, ca. 1930. Las Ramblas, a la altura de la tienda de L. Roisin, un día de lluvia.

Barcelona is a city accustomed to leading the way in technological developments, and the Catalan capital has always attracted artists and intellectuals. Those fascinated by the city include a good number of photographers, some internationally renowned, who have captured countless moments, places and characters with their cameras over the years. Now, a book reproduces some 300 photos by more than 70 practitioners, including both the anonymous and internationally-famed professionals. Ricardo … Read more…

Autumn in Barcelona

23 November, 2011 | Unknown City

After the heat of the summer, the sun and high temperatures abate during a season usually noted for being the wettest in the year. The rain and the earth’s tilt, moving further away from the sun, lead to a gradual drop in temperatures, bringing us shorter days and increasingly ochre-toned landscapes. Another traditional scene from this season consists, for example, of the roast chestnuts that make their first appearance on … Read more…

Spring in Barcelona

12 May, 2011 | Unknown City
rec comtal

At the beginning of May we took the metro to the Torre Baró -Vallbona stop on line 11. We got there from the L3 line, which we took to its final stop, Trinitat Nova. There we changed to line 11 and after two stops we reached Torre Baró. We wanted to take ourselves down to a neighbourhood which, while unusual on the tourist circuit, is frequently visited by the thousands … Read more…