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Changes due to Covid-19

Due to the Covid-19 alert, in order to mitigate the spread of the virus many activities in this agenda have been canceled, postponed or suspended. It is recommended to check the changes in websites of the centers or entities promoting each activity.

E.g., 04/15/2021
E.g., 04/15/2021

Presentation of 'Ciencia Ciudadana y Aprendizaje Servicio’

A guide to finding synergies in favour of a more democratic science and a more committed education

Collide Info Day

An online informative session about the Collide Award, an initiative to strengthen the relationship between science and arts.

Co-creation sessions for science policies

Three virtual workshops for the involvement of citizens in the creation of scientific events.

Internationalization of projects in the cultural and creative sector

Last online meeting in July of the Interactions cycle organized by the SMATH and CHEBEC programmes.

Innovative investment strategies in the creative industries

Second session of the Intersections cycle, with some cases of successful strategies in the cultural ecosystem.

Experiences of hybridization between art, culture and entrepreneurship

The first session of the Intersections cycle presents some experiences of the SMATH and CHEBEC programmes.