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The fourth axis of the Barcelona Science Plan has the aim of cultivating creative synergies among art, science and technology; promoting knowledge transfer to Barcelona’s social and economic stakeholders; and fostering relationships between the city’s innovation and science sectors.


Objective 13

To cultivate relationships among art, science, technology and society.


  • To foster, within the framework of the Collide International programme in alliance with CERN, artists’ residencies at CERN and at creation factories in Barcelona.
  • To provide support to new joint projects between the city’s research centres and its cultural and arts centres.
  • To help the International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA) take root in our city in June 2021.

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Objective 14

To encourage links between the city’s scientific stakeholders and its innovation projects and facilities.


  • To assist in catalysing relationships between scientific stakeholders and the Laboratory of Democratic Innovation (LID) and i.Lab initiatives.
  • To strengthen the scientific dimension of arts athenaeums.


Objective 15

To facilitate knowledge transfer to social and economic stakeholders that have few or no resources for research of their own and that work to create a fair, environmentally sustainable economy.


  • To incorporate this objective in existing agreements with universities and research centres.
  • To organise, together with universities, a knowledge transfer platform geared toward the social and economic sectors, with effective advisory and practical transfer methodologies.
  • To participate in a transversal innovation working group representing different departments and areas of the Barcelona City Council, in order to facilitate knowledge transfer for solving urban problems and to develop innovat ive ways of facing emerging challenges.


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