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What can we do for you?
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The CS Office is open to the public in a broad sense to help push forward science-based initiatives to find solutions to real problems. Research groups can benefit from the services provided by the CS Office, but so can civil society through organizations, local bodies, neighbourhood facilities or associations of all kinds. Whatever your case, the Barcelona Citizen Science Office can help you in different ways.


Advising services

If you have an idea for a project, or you just started and you want to share your concerns, you can contact us. We will help you by sharing the experience of other projects that have passed through the CS Office.



We help your project to connect with new audiences and entities. If you do citizen science in Barcelona or its metropolitan area, we can help you reach new audiences. We will explain to you how to participate in city events (such as the Science Festival or the City and Science Biennial) or in programmes promoted by the CS Office such as Citizen Science in the Neighbourhoods (with the collaboration of Civic Centres and Libraries) and Citizen Science in Schools (within the unified call for programmes offered by the Education Consortium).


Mutual learning

We promote a space for mutual learning. The CS Office organizes thematic working sessions to learn about citizen science with other projects that, like yours, try to find out the best way to achieve the objectives always applying the good practices of this methodology. Every year, we organize the Citizen Science Day, with national and international participants, and periodically work meetings with the projects attached.


Disseminating your project

If you need to spread the word about your project and the activities you organize, we will give you a hand from our social channels (@cciutadana, @bcnciència) and this very website.


Contact us!

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