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Barcelona’s City Council and the Institute of Culture have formed an alliance with CERN, the European Particle Physics Laboratory, to create a new collaboration within the Collide programme and to contribute to its success in the period from 2019 to 2021. This collaboration takes shape in the Collide Prize, which is awarded annually by Arts at CERN and is part of the fourth strategic axis of the Barcelona Science Plan. Specifically, this axis aims to encourage the creative link between art, science and technology, and one of its objectives, number 13, envisages the alliance with CERN through the Collide programme to promote combined artistic residencies at the same research centre and a benchmark creation factory in Barcelona.


The Large Hadron Collider at CERN - Collide International Barcelona


The Collide Award

Collide is one of the central programmes of Arts at CERN, in collaboration with the Institute of Culture of Barcelona, Barcelona City Council and CERN for the period 2019-2021. The award is an annual artistic call established at CERN that invites artists or groups of any nationality and age to submit a proposal for an artistic project to be developed as part of a residency, and to work and be inspired alongside the extraordinary scientific community at CERN. Barcelona, through the participation of the Institute of Culture and the City Council, is the third city to collaborate with the programme after Linz (in collaboration with Ars Electronica) and Liverpool (in collaboration with FACT).

The Collide Prize aims to challenge and transform the way in which art and science meet, and how science can influence the creation of new ways of expressing art. Within this framework, the call for entries for the prize will be opened once per year during the partnership i.e. 2019, 2020 and 2021.


Residence in Geneva and Barcelona

In each of the calls, the prize grants a three-month residency to the award-winning person or group so that they can expand their research and innovate. During the first two months, the winner will stay at CERN itself, in Geneva, working with professionals in the fields of particle physics, engineering, information technology and the laboratory.

During the third month, the stay takes place in a creative factory in Barcelona. In this second phase in Barcelona, residents will have the opportunity to expand and apply their research through the city's scientific and cultural network. The open and collaborative atmosphere of the creation factory offers the artist an excellent environment to reflect on and contextualize their work. Barcelona is a vibrant city that combines the most artistic and innovative tradition with the most advanced scientific research, and thus leads to the emergence of new artistic expressions that go beyond traditional disciplines.


2020 Edition

Deadline extended until December 14!

Arts at CERN announces a new call for entries for the Collide 2020 Award. The registration period is from October 27 to December 14 of 2020 and the three months of residency at CERN and at the Barcelona creation factory will take place during 2021. In this edition, the residency in Barcelona will take place at the Hangar creation factory, Visual Arts Production and Research Centre.

The call is open to artists from all creative disciplines and from any country in the world. Applications must combine a description of the artistic practices and interests of the applicants, their perception of science and how CERN deals with the major questions raised by the study of the universe.

Access the Collide 2020 Award rules and application form via these links:

Open Call for Entries of Collide Awards 2020

Application Form


Collide Award - Deadline extended
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