Barcelona Science Plan

Call for applications 2021


Where should I apply for the subsidy?

The application will be formalized through the electronic office of the City Council.

To whom are the subsidies addressed?

In this 2021 call, only projects promoted by a group of legal entities may be submitted. The groupings must be formed by a minimum of three legal entities legally constituted and active, working in cooperation to promote synergies and optimize the design, implementation and dissemination of projects, in order to promote partnerships between various actors.

The groups may be formed by:

  • Public universities, their research institutes and private universities.

  • Public research organizations.

  • Other R & D centers with their own legal personality linked to public administrations or majority owned by the public sector.

  • Public and private non-profit health entities and institutions, linked to or in agreement with the National Health System or the ICS, which carry out research tasks.

  • Public and private non-profit organizations that can contribute positively to the design, implementation, application and social impact of the project.

  • Companies and business organizations linked to the content of the project, with less than 50 employees and with innovation as a priority objective.

  • Other organizations that contribute to the dissemination and popularization of science, or that support scientific and technological transfer.

At least one of the legal entities that make up the group of legal entities must have its registered office or tax domicile in the municipality of Barcelona or have its registered office or tax domicile in the metropolitan region of Barcelona, provided that they can demonstrate a direct link with the city in the field of research.

How many projects can each legal entity submit?

Each legal entity that is a member of the group will indicate its representative, who will represent it before the Barcelona City Council in any requirements that may be requested in the framework of the management and development of the project that is the object of this call.

Each representative of a legal entity may only apply for the call with one project. Therefore, the limitation does not depend on the legal entity, but on the representative (natural person) designated by the entity for a project.

What are the project requirements?

Research projects will be characterized by:

  1. Addressing the urban challenge from an interdisciplinary and metropolitan perspective.

  2. Aim to provide scientific evidence to inspire future policy decisions in the city of Barcelona.

  3. Be original, without prejudice to the fact that they may be registered or may follow lines of research already underway by the applicants.

  4. Address the issues from a local perspective, taking into account the context of the city of Barcelona and its metropolitan area.

  5. Be carried out within a maximum period of 18 months from the date of notification.

  6. In addition, in the treatment of scientific topics, the composition of the research group, i.e., the individuals who will develop the project, as well as in the development methodology itself, the projects must take into account the gender dimension.

What is the deadline for submitting applications?

The submission period is from 13 August until 13 September.


What are the themes of the call?

The call has three main thematic axes:

  • Aging and quality of life.

  • Mobility, respect and environmental protection.

  • Sustainable city: new technologies applied to housing, space and public services.

What is the maximum amount of funding?

Each project can be financed with a maximum of €150,000.

Which projects are eligible for subsidy?

The eligible direct expenditure items are:

  1. Personnel costs. This includes the labour costs of personnel hired exclusively for the implementation of the project (including salary and social security contributions). The contracted personnel may be employed for part or all of the duration of the project. Under no circumstances are the costs of personnel with an indefinite employment contract financed.

  2. Expenses arising from dissemination, publicity, preparation of teaching and training material, organisation of meetings of experts, congresses, seminars and conferences, workshops, and other dissemination activities associated with the better implementation of the project.

  3. Expenditure on the purchase of inventoriable movable goods: scientific and technical equipment and computer software necessary for the development of the research. The purchase of these items during the last nine months of project implementation will not be eligible for the grant. The expenses derived from this concept may not exceed 30% of the global amount granted to the project.

  4. Amortisation expenses referring to the period of execution of the project, of equipment and inventoriable materials destined to the development of the project, and subject to the provisions of the General Law on Subsidies for this purpose.

  5. Travel expenses, registration and attendance at congresses, workshops, seminars and conferences related to the object of the project of the members of the team that has obtained the subsidy.

  6. Other expenses such as the lease of movable property, supplies, consumables, insurance or services provided by other companies such as, but not limited to, cleaning, security, maintenance, activities directly linked to the development of the project and auditing for justification.

Who will receive the total amount of the subsidy?

Communications between Barcelona City Council and groups of legal entities will be made through the Principal Investigator (PI) or coordinator. The legal entity to which the coordinator belongs will be the leader of the project presented by the group and, in the event that the grant is awarded, will be the recipient of the total amount of the grant awarded to the group.

What documentation is required to apply for the call for proposals?

The application to participate in the 2021 call consists of the following documentation to be submitted:

  1. Basic Document 1: Application (Annex 1)*.

  2. Basic Document 2: Scientific and technical report of the project (Annex 2)*. With a maximum length of 15 pages (page means each side of a sheet of paper). It is necessary to use Times Roman font, 11 point size, single spacing. Basic Document 2 must include only the following sections:

    1. Summary of the project (abstract), 300 words maximum, written in Catalan or Spanish.

    2. Project objectives (general and specific) and research questions.

    3. Planned methodology.

    4. Expected results of the research and details of what they can contribute to the city of Barcelona, both in terms of political decision-making and for citizenship and knowledge.

    5. Timeline of the project in relation to the work plan and the tasks assigned to each entity.

    6. Justification of the advantages of the cooperation of the applicants for the execution of the project as well as the generation of synergies. In the drafting of this report, the gender perspective must be taken into account and no discriminatory or sexist language must be used.

  3. Basic Document 3: Project economic viability plan (Annex 3)*. The Plan shall indicate the general budget for its implementation, and must include a budget for each legal entity that is a member of the group, and a common budget for the project as a whole. The amount requested as a subsidy for each legal entity in the grouping shall be indicated, as well as the expected expenditure for each one of them.

  4. Agreement between the legal entities that make up the group (Annex 4). Form specifying the terms of the agreement between the grouped legal entities promoting the project within the framework of the subsidies for research and innovation projects.

  5. Curriculum vitae of the person coordinating the project (Annex 5). With a maximum length of 4 pages (page means each side of a sheet).

  6. Documentation accrediting the legal personality of the members of the group, as well as their registration in the corresponding registry.

  7. Tax ID number of the legal entities that are members of the grouping.

  8. National identity card of the legal representatives.

*If any of the Basic Documents 1, 2 or 3 are not submitted, the application will be rejected.

The respective Annexes will be made available to applicants once the call for applications is opened, at the electronic headquarters of the City Council. The documentation may be provided in Catalan, Spanish or English.

How will the projects be selected?

An Evaluation Commission will be in charge of evaluating the projects based on the following four criteria, each of which will be evaluated from 0 to 10 and will have a different weight in the final evaluation: the scientific-technical quality (35%), the implementation capacity (25%), the suitability of the applicant team (25%) and the social impact of the projects (15%).

In order to be awarded, the projects must obtain, in the total sum, a minimum of 6.00 points out of 10.

Documentation to be provided in the event that the grant is awarded

  1. Declaration of transparency (Annex 6). Each of the legal entities that make up the applicant groups shall submit a responsible declaration of transparency in accordance with the model provided, in accordance with Article 15.2 of Law 19/2014, of December 29, on transparency, access to public information and good governance, for grants of 10,000 euros or more.

  2. Bank account. The legal entity leader of the grouping must carry out the procedure of designation of bank account from the portal of procedures of the website of the City Council of Barcelona. The link to make the designation is this one.

What will be the data policy for awarded projects?

All data resulting from the research will be made public preferably using open science channels and/or through the Barcelona City Council website.

What will be the dissemination of the results of the awarded projects?

The results of the project should be disseminated through a dissemination article to be published and accessible in open access through the municipal website, to be delivered within three months after the end of the project, together with a summary of the dissemination actions derived from the project. This article will be complementary to the delivery of the final scientific-technical report.

The research team must disseminate the research in the usual channels of the scientific field and participate in public outreach activities, either on their own initiative or at the proposal of the Department of Science and Universities.

In the scientific articles resulting from the research and in the participation in any dissemination activity, it should be indicated that the "Project has received the support of the City Council of Barcelona and the Foundation" la Caixa "in the framework of the Barcelona Science Plan 2020-2023".

Follow-up of the application

The publication of the approved grants will be made in the BOPV and on the website of the Barcelona City CouncilVirtual Office and Grants.

In order to check your application you will need the registration number and the reference number of the procedure.


Information session

On 15 July, an online briefing session was organised to explain the call for proposals and answer questions from the audience.

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