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Collide International Barcelona

Alliance with CERN

Barcelona City Council and the Barcelona Institute of Culture have formed an alliance with CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, to encourage interaction between the arts and sciences through the Collide International programme and contribute to its success in the 2019-2021 period. This collaboration is possible thanks to the Collide International Award and represents one of the ten strategic lines of the Barcelona Science Plan. In particular, this strategic line regards the alliance with CERN to promote the arts and sciences, under the Collide programme, which will enable combined artistic residence at CERN and a Barcelona creation factory, as well as rolling out educational initiatives on the inter-relation between science and art.


The Collide International Award

Collide International is one of the core programmes of Arts at CERN, in collaboration with the Barcelona Institute of Culture, Barcelona City Council and CERN for the 2019-2021 period. The award takes the form of an annual artistic call for applications at CERN in which artists or groups of any nationality and age are invited to present a proposal for an artistic project to be developed as part of a residency, and work alongside and be inspired by the extraordinary scientific community at CERN. Barcelona, through the participation of the Institute of Culture and the City Council, is the third city to collaborate with the programme after Linz (with the collaboration of Ars Electronica) and Liverpool (with the collaboration of FACT).

The Collide International Award seeks to challenge and transform the way in which art and science meet, and how science can influence the creation of new forms of artistic expression. Within this framework, the call for applications for the prize will be held in each year of the alliance, i.e. 2019, 2020 and 2021.


Residence at CERN and Fabra i Coats

In each of the calls, the award consists of a three-month residency for a professional person or a group of up to three artists so they can expand their research and innovate. For two months, this residency takes place at CERN itself in Geneva, working in contact with professionals in the field of particle physics, engineering, information technologies and laboratories.

During the third month, the stay is at Fabra i Coats, Creation Factory and Center of Contemporoary Arts in Barcelona, where the award-winner can try out new ideas, expand their horizons and connect with local artistic and scientific communities, as well as experience the city's cultural programmes in greater depth. The open, collaborative environment of Fabra i Coats, with its extensive programme of community exhibitions and projects, provides excellent surroundings for artists to be able to reflect and contextualise their work. Barcelona is a vibrant city which combines its most artistic and innovative tradition with the most advanced science, leading to the appearance of new artistic expressions which go beyond the traditional disciplines.

Fabra i Coats


Rosa Menkman, awarded in 2019

Specialized in glitch art, the artist and researcher Rosa Menkman is the winner of the first edition of the Collide International Barcelona Award. Her project has been selected among a total of 228 proposals by artists from 49 different countries.

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