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What is the Barcelona Citizen Science Office?

Citizen science is understood as scientific research that relies on the active involvement of the non-specialized public. Every person has knowledge, tools and resources that can contribute to the advancement of science. Under this paradigm, the Barcelona Citizen Science Office brings together groups from the metropolitan area which have projects and which are interested in sharing experiences and methodologies in this area.

The office was created in 2012 by the Institute of Culture of the Barcelona City Council with the aim of consolidating existing citizen science projects and working with them to address the socio-environmental challenges facing the city and to create a common learning space for new initiatives.

The enormous scientific and technological activity that takes place in and around Barcelona creates an ideal environment for the development of citizen science projects. In recent years, numerous scientific groups have joined this channel and have opened their research to the public.


The Barcelona Citizen Science Office in the European Public Mosaic magazine 

06 May 2020


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