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Citizen Science in the Neighbourhoods

Inici » Citizen Science in the Neighbourhoods

Through several of the Office’s citizen science projects residents and neighbours from different areas of Barcelona conduct actual research that has a direct impact on the neighbourhood. In this programme, the teams join the programme and act as the nucleus for project meetings, preparation and discussion that involved various groups.

The neighbours, the schools, the scientific community and local entities are the principal protagonists of the research conducted under this program. Thanks to these groups, Citizen Science in the Neighbourhoods demonstrates a commitment to reinforce the practices of participatory research that addresses the concerns of the people of Barcelona.

How it works

Citizen Science in the Neighbourhoods includes a common procedure, with the following steps:

Addressing a challenge. A social, environmental or health concern that affects the neighbourhood and that mobilizes civic centres, educational centres and various groups. Formulating a research question or a hypothesis.

Data Collection. Fieldwork and analysis in order to answer the initial question using tools, resources and support of existing citizen science projects.

Results and interpretation. The results are analysed collectively, including the contributions of other citizen science projects.

Action. The research process is presented to the public, along with recommendations for the adoption of new policies that respond effectively to the concern that has motivated the investigation.

The neighbourhoods

La Barceloneta
La Nova Esquerra de l’Eixample
La Maternitat i San Ramón
El Guinardó
El Bon Pastor
Baró de Viver
El Raval
Sagrada Família