Citizen Science in Schools

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The Office of Citizen Science and the Education Consortium of Barcelona are organising a programme to introduce citizen science in schools.

Teachers and students from various education centres in Barcelona are taking part in a 15-hour pilot scheme in which they will collaborate with six real scientific research projects run by the office. The educational community is in contact with scientists from various research centres and universities to make them aware of the scientific sampling method and learn how to use mobile and web apps to gather data and analyse the results. Classroom time is also used to expand on the work in school and propose and carry out action based on the conclusions.

Research partners in the academic year 2018-2019

This year's participants have been selected based on the interest expressed in the application process that the consortium held in May 2018. The distribution of projects by education centres is as follows:

  • Bee-path. Instituto Montjuïc and Instituto Verdaguer
  • Flood-up. Instituto Maria Espinalt and Instituto La Sedeta
  • Flora urbana y alergias, ¿cooperas? [Urban flora and allergies. Can you help?] - Escuela Can Fabra and Instituto XXV Olimpíada
  • Mosquito Alert & ASPB. Instituto Manuel Carrasco i Formiguera and Instituto Pau Claris
  • Sea Watchers. Instituto Bosc de Montjuïc and Instituto Milà i Fontanals
  • Riu-net. L’Esperança and Institut Dr. Puigvert