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The Office of Citizen Science and the Education Consortium of Barcelona are organising a programme to introduce citizen science in schools.

Teachers and students from education centres in Barcelona are taking part in a 15-hour pilot scheme in which they will collaborate with several real scientific research projects in Barcelona. The educational community is in contact with scientists from various research centres and universities to make them aware of the scientific sampling method and learn how to use mobile and web apps to gather data and analyse the results. Classroom time is also used to expand on the work in school and propose and carry out action based on the conclusions.

The students in each course are selected according to their interest through the call of the Consortium of Education of Barcelona. The distribution of the projects by educational centers is as follows:


Course 2021-2022

  • RiuNet. Institut Pablo Ruiz Picasso, Institut Fort Pius and Institut Doctor Puigvert.
  • Ritme Natura. Institut Escola Coves d'en Cimany.
  • Odour Collect. Col·legi Sagrada Família de Sant Andreu de Palomar.
  • Mosquito Alert. Institut Joan d'Àustria and Institut Valldemossa.
  • Sea Watchers. Institut La Sagrera Sant Andreu and Institut Escola Sicilia.
  • Sound Map of Barcelona. Institut La Guineueta and Institut Flos i Calcat.
  • Floodup. Institut Milà i Fontanals and Institut Lluís Vives.


Sampling at Besós River in the framework of Citizen Science in Schools programme


Partners in the academic year 2020-2021

This course incorporates some projects (indicated with "continuity") that in the previous academic year were interrupted because of the confinement.

  • Flood-up. Instituto Cintra and Instituto Flos i Calcat
  • Flora urbana y alergias, ¿cooperasInstituto Anna Gironella de Mundet, Instituto La Guineueta and Instituto Montserrat (continuidad)
  • Mosquito Alert & ASPB. Instituto L'Alzina, Instituto Doctor Puigvert and Instituto Narcís Monturiol (continuidad), Instituto Valldemossa (continuidad)
  • Sea WatchersInstituto Lluís Vives, Instituto XXV Olimpíada and Instituto Front Marítim (continuidad)
  • Riu-net. Instituto Josep Comas i Solà and Instituto Manuel Carrasco i Formiguera
  • Odour Collect. Instituto Poeta Maragall and Instituto Joan d'Àustria (continuidad)
  • Mapa Sonoro. Instituto Escola del Treball and Instituto Pablo Ruiz Picasso
  • Ritme Natura. Escuela Arc Iris and Instituto Escuela Coves d'en Cimany


Partners in the academic year 2019-2020

  • Flood-up. Instituto Flos i Calcat and Maria Espinalt
  • Flora urbana y alergias, ¿cooperas? Instituto Montserrat and Escuela Orlandai
  • Mosquito Alert & ASPB. Instituto Narcís Monturiol and Instituto Valldemossa
  • Sea Watchers. Instituto Front Marítim and Instituto Quatre Cantons
  • Riu-net. Instituto Príncep de Girona and Instituto Doctor Puigvert
  • Odour Collect. Instituto Joan d'Àustria


Partners in the academic year 2018-2019

  • Bee-path. Instituto Montjuïc and Instituto Verdaguer
  • Flood-up. Instituto Maria Espinalt and Instituto La Sedeta
  • Flora urbana y alergias, ¿cooperas? Escuela Can Fabra and Instituto XXV Olimpíada
  • Mosquito Alert & ASPB. Instituto Manuel Carrasco i Formiguera and Instituto Pau Claris
  • Sea Watchers. Instituto Bosc de Montjuïc and Instituto Milà i Fontanals
  • Riu-net. L’Esperança and Instituto Dr. Puigvert

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