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Are you interested in science? What topics are you most passionate about? Do you take outreach activities into account when making weekend plans? How much do you know about the science that is hidden in the streets of Barcelona? The Barcelona Science programme, in collaboration with La Mandarina de Newton, has set up a virtual collaborative experiment through which you can tell your opinion about different events such as this activity and many other aspects of the city's scientific events.

The experiment is both an informative and a leisure activity in itself, with a ludic system and a series of information pills that will reveal some of Barcelona's scientific secrets. It is addressed to all audiences from 14 years old. Passing all the stages and reaching the end may be rewarded with one of the 25 invitations for two people that will be raffled at the end of the event to visit the Museum of Natural Sciences of Barcelona.

Participate in this collaborative experiment and contribute to find new ways to innovate in the approach to perception in scientific matters!





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