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Escolab is the initiative of the Barcelona City Council to strengthen the link between the student community in Mandatory Secondary Education, Baccalaureate and Vocational Training programmes and the most advanced research.

Through Escolab, dozens of university laboratories, research centres, hospitals and companies open their doors to students so that they can enter into a dialogue with researchers working for social advancement.

The activities consist of workshops and visits which allow students to discover the wide range of laboratories existing today and to gain first-hand experience in doing research. The students come into direct contact with the different profiles of persons who comprise a multidisciplinary research team and put their knowledge into practice using an agreed-upon approach, the instruments and methodologies they use, and also the challenges that scientists must resolve in order to find answers to their questions.

During each academic year, from October to May, Escolab offers more than 10,000 places in approximately 200 activities that enhance the academic content that students receive in the classroom by connecting them to contemporary science and making it possible for them to do experiments. The Escolab proposals include practically all fields of research. In addition to experimental science and technology, there are also proposals in social sciences, the humanities, architecture, business innovation, journalism, children's education and sports sciences, among other areas.

Launched in 2007, the Escolab programme has been refined and improved year after year to become an initiative that is valued highly by the teachers and students of the participating schools and by researchers who gain an opportunity through this experience to stimulate interest in careers in science and at the same time to develop their presentational skills.

Participation in the activities of Escolab is without cost but places are limited and it is essential to register in advance. In order to make a reservation, it is necessary to first register as a user. Registrations can be made each year starting in early September through the Escolab contact and management platform, which also acts as a portal for the dissemination of activities.

Escolab is an initiative of the Barcelona Science Programme of the Institute of Culture of Barcelona and of the Scientific Culture programme of the Institute of Education of the Barcelona City Council. It relies on the invaluable collaboration of the research centres which offer the various activities and which strive to bring science closer to the various levels of participating students in a comprehensible way.