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Scientific knowledge is not restricted to the lab. The environment, healthcare, technology and research also rely on other scenarios and actors: neighbourhoods, schools, green spaces, installations. Stay up to date with local scientific news, that which is taking place near you and that you should not miss.

E.g., 23/01/2022
E.g., 23/01/2022
Glenn Carstens Peters / Unsplash

Algorights: "We want a more democratic artificial intelligence"

20 January 2022

Technology and society. Drets de Ciutadania interviews this collective to talk about the role of society in the development of artificial intelligence.

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Technological events in 2022 in Barcelona

19 January 2022

Once again, Barcelona is reaffirming itself as a hub of international attraction for meetings related to technology and digital innovation. World-renowned events such as the Mobile World Congress and the Smart City Expo are held in the city.

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Escolab grows with new proposals and new virtual resources

13 January 2022

Science and education. This year's course is open to students in the final year of primary school, incorporating new activities and a collection of videos for teachers.

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Black Quantum Futurism ends its artistic residency at the Hangar in Barcelona

12 January 2022

Art and science. The Collide 2020 Award-winning collective will return to CERN this year to complete its residency in Geneva and boost the “CPT Symmetry and Violations” project.

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Dorota Gawęda and Eglé Kulbokaité win the Collide Award 2021

12 January 2022

Art and science. The duo will carry out a combined artistic residency between CERN in Geneva and the Hangar in Barcelona.

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The City Council allocates 10 Barcelona Crea 2021 grants for creation in art and science

30 December 2021

Art and science. They have an endowment of 6,000 euros each, and applications can be submitted between 30 December 2021 and 4 February 2022.

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Five murals for equality in science

28 December 2021

Women and science. The CientífiqArt project gives visibility and value to five leading Catalan women scientists.

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TMB’s bus fleet gets its first vehicle powered by latest-generation hydrogen

23 December 2021

Zero emissions mobility. The bus is the first of eight such vehicles due to be added to the TMB fleet.

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An animal cell and tissue bank to conserve biodiversity

20 December 2021

Zoo. The Biobanc will prioritise the conservation of endangered species when it comes to preserving animal biomaterials.

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