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Barcelona participates in the European citizen science project CitiMeasure

02 March 2022

Citizen Science. The project will enable the sharing of knowledge, experiences and good practices to create instruments for the implementation of new citizen science initiatives.

Within the framework of the Eurocities network, of which Barcelona is a member, the project CitiMeasure - "Citizen measures to create smart, sustainable and inclusive cities" has been launched. The project aims to generate some instruments that combine knowledge, experience and good practices in citizen science and their subsequent deployment. Therefore, Barcelona Science and Universities, through its Citizen Science Office, participates in the project to contribute from the experience of the programmes it deploys.

Participation in CitiMeasure is part of the Barcelona Science Plan 2020-23, which among its actions proposes connecting the Barcelona Citizen Science Office with European projects in which the City Council participates in order to encourage citizen science experiences within the framework of these collaborations. The project faces the challenge of establishing successful, stable and sustainable citizen science initiatives that are also relevant both for society and for research and the adoption of public policies. In this sense, Barcelona Science and Universities aims to influence changes in the attitude and behaviour of citizens in the face of specific challenges.

The CitiMeasure project will run until the beginning of 2023. During this period it aims to bring together the experiences and knowledge of the participating cities as well as 18 organisations and networks in the application of citizen science. Based on all this knowledge, what the project calls “instruments” will be developed and tested. These are guidelines and roadmaps for the successful implementation of new citizen science initiatives to address today’s social and environmental challenges. Specifically, CitiMeasure envisages three instruments: one to compare the results of different citizen science initiatives, another to ensure the digital inclusion of the different actors involved, and a third instrument that bridges the information and results of the projects with the behavioural change of people and public policies.

CitiMeasure also aims to raise awareness of the importance of initiatives that involve citizens in data collection, measurement and other scientific research processes. The results and tools from citizen science projects shared throughout the project will be used to create an online European Knowledge Centre with a repository of best practices. This will be carried out during the three phases of the project consisting of the development of the tools (ongoing phase until April this year), the implementation phase of pilot testing and the consolidation phase.

In terms of methodology, the project will follow a co-creation and collaborative approach that will be carried out through four distinct working groups. Three of them are aligned with each of the instruments foreseen in the project. In that sense, there is a Comparability group, a Behaviour and Policy group, and a Digital Inclusion group. A fourth Strategy and Oversight group focuses on providing strategic direction and ensuring the cohesion of the other three groups and the progress of the whole project.



Since its creation in 1989, Barcelona has been a founding member of Eurocities, the network of major European cities, currently comprising more than 200 cities from 38 countries representing a population of 130 million people. The network’s mission is to improve the quality of life of European citizens and its objectives are to give a voice to European cities before the Community institutions, to get involved in European campaigns and to promote exchanges, cooperation and participation in transnational projects, as in the case of CitiMeasure.