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07 July 2020

Culture. A conference cycle open to everyone to explore the hybridization of art, entrepreneurship and society.

On 13 July, the series of conferences and seminars Intersections begins, an initiative of the SMATH and CHEBEC programmes open to everyone who wants to explore the connections between the worlds of art, culture, entrepreneurship, business and design, and how collaborations between these fields can generate social impact and contribute to improving life standards in cities.

Intersections is organized in the framework of the Euro-Mediterranean programmes SMATH, for the improvement of the viability of artistic, cultural and creative projects, and CHEBEC, for the support of artistic and cultural initiatives. Both are financed by the European Commission during 2018-2020 in the framework of the Interreg Med programme. Through Intersections, the programmes will share their professional experience by generating points of contact between all the disciplines described.

For July, the following three online seminars are programmed. They will count with the participation of several professional profiles that will talk about their experience and will share with the audience some keys to push hybrid projects in between different disciplines.

The three sessions will be held from 12.00 to 13.30 and will be broadcast live via streaming on Zoom. The cycle will close in October with an on-site activity, programme and location still to be confirmed.




SMATH is a pilot programme aimed at the artistic, cultural and creative sector to promote collaborative projects between two or more participants. These are the so-called hybrid projects. After a first phase of co-creation, the 10 hybrid projects were selected to move on to the next phases. The projects are currently in the last phase of the programme, which consists of seeking funding and visibility, and which has been extended until autumn 2020 due to the covid-19. The Intersections conference cycle represents an opportunity for the hybrid projects to advance in the purposes of this final phase. The Institute of Culture of Barcelona, through the Barcelona Science programme, and Barcelona Activa are the local partners of SMATH.



CHEBEC is a programme to support artistic, cultural and creative projects in the city of Barcelona that wishes to internationalize their creation, strengthen the sustainability of their projects and co-create synergies between other emerging artists, both locally and translocally. It is currently in the last phase, which has been interrupted by covid-19. The local partners of CHEBEC are the Institute of Culture of Barcelona and Barcelona Activa.

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