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New Museum of Natural Sciences: granted “Bicycle Friendly Building” status

04 October 2021

Bicycle. The network of municipal buildings that encourages access by bicycle is growing

In July this year the Museum of Natural Sciences was granted “Bicycle Friendly Building” certification by Barcelona City Council. This means that good access to the building by bicycle is guaranteed, with either indoor or covered parking areas, signage indicating bicycle access to the building, additional services for cyclists, and the promotion of policies to encourage cycling to work.

In the case of the Museum of Natural Sciences, the improvements identified in the pre-certification audit were put in place: the provision of visitor parking modules with 30 parking spaces, as well as bicycle ramps on the access stairs to the offices, for museum staff.

An information panel has been set up at the main entrance to the museum to display the improvements.

All the municipal buildings that either already have, or are in the process of obtaining, “Bicycle Friendly Building” are identified on the map of certified buildings on the Programa A+S website. The City Council has also recently incorporated these certified buildings into its own map of cycle lanes.