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Scientific knowledge is not restricted to the lab. The environment, healthcare, technology and research also rely on other scenarios and actors: neighbourhoods, schools, green spaces, installations. Stay up to date with local scientific news, that which is taking place near you and that you should not miss.

E.g., 21/06/2022
E.g., 21/06/2022

What is the City Council doing to tackle COVID-19?

17 March 2020

Health. Measures are being taken to contain the spread of coronavirus and protect those most vulnerable.

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Hailing the role of women in science and business

07 March 2020

Feminism and women. Barcelona launches a campaign coinciding with 8 March and giving visibility to women who changed the world with inventions.

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The climate emergency and the impact of waste at the centre of a new awareness-raising campaign aimed at city residents.

03 March 2020

Recycling campaign. In February, Barcelona launched a new sensitisation and awareness-raising campaign aimed at city residents about waste collection and recycling, which this year focuses on the context of the Climate Emergency.

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Recollida de residus, platges, litoral, medi ambient, sostenibilitat, emergència climàtica, residu zero, Barcelona

For beaches free of plastic and waste

22 February 2020

Environment and sustainability. More than a hundred people have collected 110 kg of rubbish from Barcelona’s coastal area.

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Mobile Week

Mobile Week Barcelona brings technology to the city’s neighbourhoods

21 February 2020

Smart City. The aim is to bring the digital transformation to all districts, through 150 free activities, talks and workshops for people of all ages.

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Appealing and familiar science to encourage new vocations

10 February 2020

Science. The STEAM-Fòrum imbues 2,000 baccalaureate and fourth-year secondary school pupils with a passion for science, through fifteen recreational and surprising experiments.

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Grants awarded for science, research and innovation projects

07 February 2020

Science. The Barcelona Science Plan allocates one million euros to seven research and innovation projects to strengthen the scientific network of the city.

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Mobile Week

Mobile Week returns to bring technology closer to the public

03 February 2020

City Council. Over 150 activities are being organised around the city’s ten district from 20 February to 1 March.

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Fabra i Coats hosts the winner of the Collide International Award

16 January 2020

Art and science. Following an initial two-month residency at CERN, Rosa Menkman is beginning her one-month stay in Barcelona.

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