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Scientific knowledge is not restricted to the lab. The environment, healthcare, technology and research also rely on other scenarios and actors: neighbourhoods, schools, green spaces, installations. Stay up to date with local scientific news, that which is taking place near you and that you should not miss.

E.g., 27/10/2020
E.g., 27/10/2020

Fabra i Coats hosts the winner of the Collide International Award

16 January 2020

Art and science. Following an initial two-month residency at CERN, Rosa Menkman is beginning her one-month stay in Barcelona.

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Climate emergency declared in Barcelona

15 January 2020

Climate emergency. The climate emergency declaration is an institutional and public commitment to adapt the city and mitigate the climate crisis.

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Technology projects to improve quality of life for the elderly

15 January 2020

Technology. A personal robot and an electronic device for external interaction win the 5G award.

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Call for the port and the airport to tackle the climate emergency

14 January 2020

Climate emergency. The proposals include eliminating short flights, taxing the use of fuels which pollute the most and fostering the use of renewable energies.

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The second Hypatia European Science Prize begins

02 January 2020

Science. The prize includes €30,000 in funding, which this year will go to researchers in the field of life and health sciences.

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The 5th Responsible Consumption and ESS Fair gets stronger, raising awareness on the climate emergency

30 December 2019

The fair gains weight among the various Christmas events and activities, with nearly 75,000 visitors and sales worth over 130,000 euros.

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89% of Barcelona’s residents are worried about climate change

27 December 2019

City Council. Results of the six-monthly Barometer, with this edition featuring political, municipal-management and topical-issue aspects: the climate emergency and water management.

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The Science Festival moves to Moll de la Fusta

23 October 2019

Science. Given the particular circumstances of the city during the recent days, the Institute of Culture of Barcelona has decided to move the location of the 13th Science Festival.

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Towards a more sustainable Science Festival

26 September 2019

Science. This great citizen event about popular science and technology is committed to reducing paper consumption through digital communication formats.

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