Inici » Noticia » The Mercat de Sagrada Família is holding an exhibition entitled ‘Responsible Consumption laboratory kitchen’

The Mercat de Sagrada Família is holding an exhibition entitled ‘Responsible Consumption laboratory kitchen’

15 February 2021

The Responsible Consumption Space is presenting a new exhibition on responsible consumption and sustainable food, to mark the city’s status as World Capital of Sustainable Food 2021.

The exhibition entitled “La cuina laboratori de Consum Responsable” [Responsible Consumption Laboratory Kitchen], prepared by the Responsible Consumption Space, was set up today at the Mercat de Sagrada Família – at its C/ Provença entrance. It consists of three areas offering the keys to the inclusion of responsible consumption and the principles of the Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) in citizen habits and which can be accessed for free.

Municipal markets, as one of the best players for making sustainable, healthy and affordable food available to everyone, will be a key feature of this travelling exhibition.

Sustainable Food Laboratory Kitchen Mural

Representing the daily and nearby space that is the kitchen, the Laboratory Kitchen interlinks conflicting values between a less reflective and sustainable consumption and a model more rooted in traditions and looking after the planet.

The space accordingly invites us to reflect on and re-imagine how to dine with new flavours from the social and solidarity economy and reclaim traditions, in a more sustainable way that is friendlier to ourselves, society and the environment.

The Laboratory Kitchen will show us local and fair trade and how we can balance looking after the planet with satisfying our needs. A laboratory kitchen where, through love and responsible-consumption values, we can transform a few financial practices into socially and ecologically sustainable food.

The Responsible Consumption Cookery Book

The seven panels will enable us to discover recipes from the basic sectors for life for eco-social transitions: practical advice to make our daily lives more ecologically and socially sustainable, through responsible consumption and the SSE.

The recipes provide an original and gamified introduction to values and concepts such as decentralising energy, ethical funding, open telecommunications, cooperative education, responsible-care services and cooperative housing. They were prepared collaboratively with the consensus of each area’s benchmark organisations.

The 9 Principles of Responsible Consumption

Up-to-date information, what is more, is introduced on the 9 Principles of Responsible Consumption so that visitors can identify more easily the importance of responsible consumption and its values and practices: the social and solidarity economy, organic food, proximity, care of people, good living, democratic management, fair trade, sustainable production and waste prevention.