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The second Hypatia European Science Prize begins

02 January 2020

Science. The prize includes €30,000 in funding, which this year will go to researchers in the field of life and health sciences.

Barcelona City Council, in collaboration with Academia Europaea (Barcelona Knowledge Hub), has begun the call for applications in the second Hypatia European Science Prize.

This prize is part of the Barcelona Science Plan and its main aim is to contribute to the visibility of science and promote, strengthen and maximise, at European scale, the value of research of excellence and its benefits for society.

The award recognises the career of a person from the scientific world and the impact of their research on humanity and people’s welfare. Based on this approach, the prize is aimed at scientists who have worked in a European country and rewards the excellence of their research, its international repercussions, the return from the research, its influence on other knowledge areas and its contribution to improving quality of life. In this second year, the prize recognises research performed within the field of life and health sciences, which also includes disciplines and technologies that support it, such as biochemistry and bioengineering.

The prize consists of a commemorative plaque and €30,000 in funding. It may exceptionally be awarded jointly to more than one person if the Assessment Committee considers it justified. The winner will be invited to give a talk about their scientific career at a ceremony in the Salón de Cent hall at Barcelona City Council.

The period for entering began on 31 December 2019 and ends on 31 March 2020. The winner will be announced after April of 2020.