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Scientific knowledge is not restricted to the lab. The environment, healthcare, technology and research also rely on other scenarios and actors: neighbourhoods, schools, green spaces, installations. Stay up to date with local scientific news, that which is taking place near you and that you should not miss.

E.g., 15/04/2021
E.g., 15/04/2021

The legacy of Julio Muñoz Ramonet will become a centre for culture, art and science

01 April 2021

Science and art. The City Council has allocated a budget of €1.8 million to implement the functional plan to turn these buildings into a multidisciplinary facility open to the public.

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Seasons Menu: seasonal cuisine to help the local economy and look after the planet

25 March 2021

This initiative by the world sustainable food capital seeks to change the city’s habits and food model.

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The second City and Science Biennial will be held from June 8 to 13

22 March 2021

Science. The event will include the Science Festival, which this year reaches its 14th edition.

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New research and innovation hub on the site of the former fish market

18 March 2021

Urban planning. The site has an area of 46,000 square metres and will help boost the area around the Ciutadella as a leading hub for knowledge in Europe.

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Debating the Barcelona Sewerage Plan

18 March 2021

Sewerage. Barcelona starts a participatory process to debate the city’s sewerage system.

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The City Council presents the awards for Scientific Research

16 March 2021

Science. The 15 winning projects propose solutions to urban challenges in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Food and energy production through a new project by local people

12 March 2021

Smart City. CO-mida is one of the test projects to win the urban innovation grant call ‘The proactive city’.

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A virtual Mobile Week to empower citizens technologically

11 March 2021

Digital. The event is on from 15 to 21 March and culminates with a weekend of workshops and conferences specially conceived for families and children.

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Barcelona Food Institute to open for the 2021-2022 academic year

05 March 2021

The centre comes in the same year that Barcelona is the world sustainable food capital.

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