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Scientific knowledge is not restricted to the lab. The environment, healthcare, technology and research also rely on other scenarios and actors: neighbourhoods, schools, green spaces, installations. Stay up to date with local scientific news, that which is taking place near you and that you should not miss.

E.g., 13/12/2019
E.g., 13/12/2019

The Science Festival moves to Moll de la Fusta

23 October 2019

Science. Given the particular circumstances of the city during the recent days, the Institute of Culture of Barcelona has decided to move the location of the 13th Science Festival.

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Towards a more sustainable Science Festival

26 September 2019

Science. This great citizen event about popular science and technology is committed to reducing paper consumption through digital communication formats.

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5th edition of the ICT Women Awards

27 August 2019

Technology. The campaign for the 5th edition of the ICT Women Awards is now under way. The awards promote the presence of women in the field of technology.

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The World Data Viz Challenge Barcelona-Kobe, the data and city residents competition, is back

20 August 2019

Open Data. El World Data Viz Challenge 2019 Barcelona-Kobe está organizado por los ayuntamientos de ambas ciudades, y en esta segunda edición pone el énfasis en las ciudades y la emergencia climática.

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How can we save energy at home?

16 August 2019

Housing. It’s important to make sensible use of the energy equipment we have at home, install material to reduce energy expenditure, replace old pieces of equipment with more efficient ones, and promote sustainable attitudes

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Rosa Menkman wins the first Collide International Barcelona Award

18 July 2019

Science. he call for applications received a total of 228 proposals by artists from 49 countries.

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The period of funding applications for science, research and innovation projects closes on 9th August

17 July 2019

Science. The initiative is part of the Barcelona Science Plan.

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Archaeology students investigate life before the 18th century in El Born

10 July 2019

History. The fourth edition of Arqueoborn includes training sessions and guided visits.

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Pledge to fight the climate emergency

05 July 2019

Environment. A working session bringing together experts, organisations and all public administrations will be held on 10 July.

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