The 12th Science Festival is coming

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11 October 2019

On 9 and 10 June you have a date with the future. Ciutadella Park will once again be filled with science, technology and creativity. The Science Festival is here, the great gathering of research and innovation and the public. Now in its twelfth edition, the Festival has expanded its range of activities, extended the opening hours and widened its focus to appeal to a broader audience than ever before.

This year the Festival will be held all day Saturday and all day Sunday  and will include a record 230 activities, organized as always by research centres, universities, companies, associations and other professionals. Also, the age ranges of the audience have been broadened. In addition to activities for all ages there will be offerings geared expressly to children six years old and younger, older boy and girls, adolescents, as well as a wide range of activities for adults. 

Practically every area of scientific research and technological innovation is represented on its own scale, from fundamental particles, on through to molecules, cells, the human body, the biosphere, the solar system and out to the far edges of the universe.

The Festival will bring you closer to science in all its dimensions through of a multitude of formats: experiments, games, shows, virtual reality experiences, workshops, immersive projections, demonstrations, tours, mini-talks, installations, even an escape room. A giant range of offerings to discover first-hand the knowledge that helps us grow as a society and which increasingly depends on a greater level of citizen participation.

Once again this year, the Festival invites you to experiment, debate, enjoy yourself and bring out the genius in you. Because science is all of that and much more! Come and discover it!

The future awaits you in Ciutadella Park.