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08 July 2019

On 18 July, Mónica Bello, the Director of Arts at CERN, and Joana Hurtado, the Director of Fabra y Coats - Fábrica de Creación y Centro de Arte Contemporáneo de Barcelona, will present the Collide International artistic residency programme at the Sónar+D congress.

Thanks to the alliance between CERN, Barcelona City Council and the Institute of Culture, through an annual competition in 2019, 2020 and 2021, Collide International offers the winning person or group a paid two-month residency at CERN plus a month at Fabra i Coats to perform research and produce the presented project. It is therefore a total stay of three months in which the artist has the opportunity to interact with researchers at CERN and other scientific centres, universities, artistic communities and cultural agents.

The call for applications for the project in 2019 ended on 31 May. Mónica Bello and Joana Hurtado will announce the winning person or group when they present the project at Sónar+D.

The presentation will take place at the congress on Thursday 18 July at 6.40pm at Stage+D (P4 Level 1). People with accreditation will be given priority but, if there are any spaces left, the public may also attend.

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