Rosa Menkman wins the first Collide International Barcelona Award

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18 July 2019

The Dutch artist Rosa Menkman won the first Collide International Barcelona Award. It is awarded to encourage interaction between the arts and sciences thanks to collaboration between Barcelona City Council, through the Department of the Economy and Employment, the Digital City and International Relations, the Institute of Culture and CERN. The award consists of a combined artistic residency at the European Particle Physics Laboratory (CERN, in Geneva) and Fabra i Coats - Fábrica de Creación y Centro de Arte Contemporáneo in Barcelona, to enable research and performance of the project presented.

A total of 228 proposals were presented in the call for applications by artists from 49 different countries. The jury, made up of Mónica Bello, the Director of Arts at CERN, Oriol Gual, Director of La Capella, Joana Hurtado, Director of Fabra i Coats, and Helga Timko, a physicist from CERN, chose the winning project for its sophistication in terms of the concept and the approach presented; the fact that the research conducted will go from small to large scale; and the importance of scientific measurement: how information is filtered and arises from an inspiring experience. The artist will now have the opportunity to expand her research through this residency, which will allow her to work for two months at CERN, alongside professionals in the fields of particle physics, engineering and information technologies and from the laboratory. The third month of the residency will be performed at Fabra i Coats in Barcelona, where she will be able to try out new ideas, expand her horizons, build relationships with local artistic and scientific communities, and discover the city's cultural programmes in depth.

Honourable mentions

The award also gave four honourable mentions to Samoa Rémy (Switzerland), Addie Wagenknecht (Austria), Nathan Witt (United Kingdom) and the artist Gabriella Torres (Puerto Rico), who lives in Barcelona. Their work presents abstract phenomena in tangible forms, while demonstrating their capacity to question and analyse the deeper meaning of physical observations. The people given recognition in this way will be able to enjoy a two-day visit to CERN as guest artists.

About Collide International

This programme promoted by Arts at CERN is intended to facilitate and intensify the interaction between art and science, dialogue between them and, through mutual influence, support artistic innovation. Thanks to the collaboration between CERN, Barcelona City Council and the Institute of Culture in Barcelona, within the framework of the Barcelona Science Plan, the award's call for applications will be held each year as part of the alliance established between the three institutions: in 2019, 2020 and 2021.

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