The three pillars and ten strategic lines


Creation of the Hypatia European Science Prize, awarded annually.

The Barcelona Hypatia European Science Prize is part of the ‘Barcelona, City of Science’ programme, which outlines the city’s commitment to science and ultimately seeks to promote the city as a European capital for research and innovation.

Barcelona City Council, in collaboration with Academia Europaea’s Barcelona Knowledge Hub (AE-BKH), is organising the first edition of the prize with the aim of helping give science greater visibility, as well as promoting, strengthening and boosting the value of excellence in research and its impact on society at a European level.

The prize is intended to provide a boost for Barcelona as a European capital for science, offering support for scientific knowledge and research in various fields.

The choice of Hypatia as the name of the prize seeks to promote the philosopher and scientist Hypatia of Alexandria (c. 355-415), a woman who was able to conjugate and transmit all fields of knowledge in her time, an ability which actually led to her being murdered by the forces of ignorance and fanaticism.

The award is intended as recognition of the career of someone who has excelled in the field of science and research at the highest international level, influencing the various fields of knowledge and having a positive impact on the well-being of humanity.

It will follow a triennial cycle, alternating each year between three broad areas of knowledge as follows:

a) science and technology

b) life sciences and health

c) humanities and social sciences

For more information on the current award process and rules for the prize click here.