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The Barcelona Science Programme is an initiative of the Barcelona City Council to promote scientific knowledge and to involve the public in its development. Barcelona Science Programme invites all persons to participate and be heard with regard to the preparation, methods and results of scientific research in accordance with such criteria as ethics, transparency, equality and equal access to knowledge. Based on this vision, the city becomes the stage where science and society meet to have dialogue, to understand and advance together, and to make a combined effort to confront the local and global challenges of the 21st century.

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Scientific advancement must respond to and find solutions for the needs of society.

Citizens are no longer spectators; they are taking part and becoming leaders in research and innovation. New points of reference are forming around such concepts as Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI), open science and citizen science. From this perspective, the programme foresees the development of projects and activities aimed toward different segments of the public and, most especially, it aims to place knowledge and science at the centre of the cultural agenda of Barcelona, a European leader in scientific research and technological innovation. It is in this favourable setting where science and society meet.

Our objectives

To involve society.

To increase the involvement of citizens in the definition of the lines of research and development, in scientific processes and in science projects. To ensure that citizens are active agents and leaders of the scientific process.

To consolidate opinion.

To promote the scientific spirit, and critical and innovative thinking on the part of the inhabitants of the greater Barcelona area in order to foster analytical and well-reasoned decision-making processes on issues related to science, healthcare, technology and the environment.

To stimulate professional interests.

To create an educational supplement that allows teachers be informed on the latest advances, to expand their knowledge and offer new pedagogical resources. To awaken the interest of students in new scientific and technological vocations through experimentation, participation in citizen research and direct contact with the research community.

To foster creativity.

To promote artistic and creative sensitivities which stimulate innovative ideas are fundamental for formulating questions, designing experiments, searching for solutions to complex problems and for the application of knowledge; in short, they are essential for scientific and technological progress.

To contribute to the transfer of knowledge.

To bring the scientific knowledge generated by research centres and universities into proximity to industry and the business sector in order to encourage the search for new opportunities and the creation of new initiatives which contribute to social and economic progress.

To promote the city.

To increase the national and international visibility of Barcelona and the greater metropolitan area as a hub of scientific and technological development in Europe and the Mediterranean.

To disseminate knowledge.

To test and explore new media, methods and informative languages and to make proper use of established techniques.