Exhibition marking the 350th anniversary of the Pi mini-giants

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Festivities. The exhibition looks back over three and a half centuries of the Gegants Petits del Pi.

The mini-giants Oriol and Laia, known as the Gegants Petits del Pi, are marking their anniversary this year as it’s 350 years since the first historical reference to them was made. A series of ceremonies, exhibitions and surprises are being prepared throughout 2019 to mark the occasion. The first of these is the exhibition ‘Short-legged little dancing giants. 350 years of the Gegants Petits del Pi’, which is on at the Casa dels Entemesos from 14 March onwards. Designed as a travelling exhibition, visitors will be able to see the display up until 23 June.

The exhibition looks back over three and a half centuries of the figures using photos, historical documents and objects. Everything starts with the first reference to them in 1669, when the Santa Maria del Pi church archive refers to ‘giants and mini-giants’ as one of the expenses for the Corpus procession. The display offers a journey through the country’s festive landscape from the 15th century through to the present day, largely thanks to the years of research carried out by the giants group and the Pi Archive.


Aquest 2019, una de les parelles de gegants més singulars del país arriba als tres segles i mig des de la primera data documentada. Són els Gegants petits, xics o Gegantons del Pi; unes figures petites i sovint desconegudes que amaguen un reguitzell de sorprenents històries.

Exposició produïda per l´Associació d´Amics dels Gegants del Pi amb motiu de la celebració dels 350 anys dels Gegants petits del Pi.

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