Graphic image of Apropa Cultura's new season

A season of Apropa Cultura dedicated to homelessness

The goal is to combat the invisibility of homeless people, raise awareness in society and create more inclusive cultural spaces.

Apropa Cultura is a network that aims to make the cultural offer accessible to people in vulnerable situations. It includes cultural programmers and social and health organisations. 21 October marked the start of the 2022-2023 season – one which will focus on homelessness. The intention is to combat homeless people's marginalisation, raise awareness in society and create more inclusive cultural spaces. The slogan: #LaLlarDeTotes.

The programme involves 160 cultural facilities in 45 Catalan municipalities, including Barcelona. Among the activities planned are a Conference on Accessibility and Diversity (at MACBA on 20 February), training courses on homelessness (between 22 November and 23 February), a series of online talks (in March and April next year), and a collaborative project between cultural facilities in the Apropa Cultura network and the XAPSLL. They will also promote a pilot project for matinee performances for audiences who, due to their characteristics and needs, may often not feel comfortable or attend the same performances as the general public. The network says: "We believe that culture is key because of its capacity to establish links, generate sustainable relationships and open up new possibilities. We will work against stigma, discrimination and exclusion of homeless people in collaboration with cultural facilities and social entities working in this field". It adds: "Culture can accompany people experiencing homelessness because it is not just about survival, but about opening up the possibility to live meaningful, fulfilling and communal lives".

Apropa Cultura was born in 2006, and in these 16 years, more than 160 cultural facilities have joined the network and opened their doors to the users of more than 1600 social and health entities.

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Publication date: Friday, 21 October 2022
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