Picture of the Farbalà installation, by Xevi Bayona at the CaixaForum

An ephemeral installation to remember

The textile work Farbalà, by architect and artist Xevi Bayona, establishes a dialogue with Arata Isozaki's English courtyard at CaixaForum.

Until 31 August, the ephemeral installation Farbalà by Xevi Bayona, which can be visited free of charge every day from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., can be visited at CaixaForum. It is a textile garment made in collaboration with the Festival of Ephemeral Interventions A Cel Obert in Tortosa.

Born in Olot in 1980, Bayona graduated in architecture in Barcelona and Porto. He has won three FAD awards for the Factoria i Magatzem dels Reis Mags in Fabra i Coats and is the artistic director of the Festival del Foc i la Llum, Lluèrnia in his city. There he has his workshop and studio, where he learns and works with experimentation, rehearsal, criticism and respect for and interpretation of the social, physical and cultural environment. His work combines architecture, urban planning, art, landscape, ephemeral installations and light sculptures, a mixture of disciplines that feed off and complement each other.

This time, the artist proposes a piece in dialogue with the English courtyard designed in Casaramona by Arata Isozaki, making Farbalà a central element in the scenography of the different events programmed throughout August as part of the Summer Nights.

Like a "ruffle of clothes sewn together at the top and left to hang", the installation, supported by a kind of catenary, sways in the wind, constantly changing and blurring its shape to become a light mass that catches the light, projects different shades of colour and completely changes the perception of this outdoor space.

Publication date: Thursday, 04 August 2022
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