Los Galindos
Tarta Relena, Los Sara Fontán and Cocanha in a promotional image at Fabra i Coats

Los Galindos, Ciutat de Barcelona 2022 Performing Arts Award

The joint show by Tarta Relena, Cocanha and Los Sara Fontán entitled 4132314 wins the Music category.

The last awards of the Ciutat de Barcelona Awards have been made public. These are the Performing Arts and Music categories.

In the first case, it was awarded to the company Los Galindos for MDR - Mort de riure. The jury, made up of Lali Álvarez (president), Joan Yago, Alexandra Laudo and Lali Ayguadé, decided that it deserves it because it is a radical and imaginative circus show that reclaims the street and non-conventional spaces as stages that need to be reconquered. They also value its capacity for improvisation and its political resonance.

The Ciutat de Barcelona Music Prize was awarded unanimously to Tarta Relena, Cocanha and Los Sara Fontán for the project 4132314, presented at the Sala Paral-lel 62 at the last Grec Festival in Barcelona. The verdict highlights the artistic and musical excellence, the collaborative and experimental nature of the proposal and the link it establishes with the popular memory of the workers through the songs and the imaginary sound of the Fabra i Coats factory, and by extension of the textile factories. The jury in this category was made up of Xavier Cervantes (president), Daniel Espasa, Carol Duran, Maria Arnal and Ismaël N'Diaye.

The €9,500 prizes will be awarded on 15 February at a ceremony in the Saló de Cent. There will be a musical performance by Tarta Relena, which was previously planned before the jury's decision was announced.

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Publication date: Tuesday, 31 January 2023
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