A snapshot of the spectacle by CreaMoviment

Participative dance based on the work of the painter and sculptor Pablo Palazuelo

CreaMoviment shows at Barcelona Districte Cultural its show Paisatges. Estudi #1.

Two dancers and a pianist take the stage to draw with body and music abstract, playful, intimate and suggestive landscapes. It is Paisatges. Estudi #1, a show by the company CreaMoviment that forms part of the Barcelona Districte Cultural programme and is designed as a participatory artistic experience aimed at family audiences. You have different opportunities to see this proposal: on 11 February at the Can Basté Civic Centre, the following day at the Casa Groga Civic Centre, on 24 February at the Albareda Cultural Centre, and on 26 April at the La Sedeta Civic Centre. Admission is free, but booking is required.

The genesis of a large part of the show, the costumes as well as the space and the staging, is the artistic work of the painter and sculptor Pablo Palazuelo (Madrid, 1915-2007). Throughout the nearly hour-long staging, the dancers use a painter's tape to create moments of great beauty. Both meet the endless universe of a baby, who, bewitched, is invited to explore and play.

CreaMoviment defines itself as an artistic and pedagogical collective that "initiates projects, creates a network and shares knowledge from a respectful link with the processes of children and adults". It has been in existence for more than a decade: it was founded in 2012 by the dancer and choreographer Cristina Martí Ninot and the actor and singer Toni Viñals Matas, and later joined by the singer Helena Cabo Vila.

More information and ticket booking in this link.

Publication date: Wednesday, 08 February 2023
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