Espacio Invertebrados

Discover the new Invertebrates Space

Barcelona Zoo has opened a new 300 m² area with a total of 33 species of invertebrates.

Do you know which is the group that represents 97% of the animals on the planet? Invertebrates, that's right. Do you want to know more? The new Invertebrate Space at Barcelona Zoo, which opened on 9 June this year, aims to divulge the diversity of species and emphasize the importance of these animals in maintaining the balance of ecosystems and preserving the Earth's biodiversity.

With a total of 33 different species of insects, arachnids, myriapods and crustaceans, the space reproduces the habitat and climatic conditions of each of these invertebrates in order to be as similar as possible to their origins. The route is organized into five main areas: Mediterranean, Jungles, Islands, Butterfly Farm and Domestic Sphere and contains species from scorpions, praying mantises and bumblebees to common insects that could be found in any cupboard or piece of furniture in your home.

The highlight of the Invertebrates Space is the Butterfly Farm where, in addition to incorporating a laboratory visible to the public where maintenance tasks and support for the reproduction and growth of species will be carried out, you will be able to observe and understand the process of metamorphosis of the butterflies.

The visit is focused and designed for familiar audiences and has sound ambience, graphic resources, interactive elements and various audiovisual pieces to make the tour more dynamic and to follow the New Zoo Model, committed to research, education and conservation of species. Come and visit the new space of the Barcelona Zoo and discover the mysterious world of invertebrates through a tour full of interactive activities for the whole family.

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Publication date: Wednesday, 03 August 2022
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