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Céline Sciamma, first D'A award

The D'A Barcelona Film Festival will present 115 films, with 10 world premieres and 12 Catalan productions.

The thirteenth edition of the D’A Barcelona Film Festival will be held from 23 March to 2 April. The event will offer an overview of current independent and auteur cinema, with films that have triumphed at major international festivals and a spotlight on emerging directors. This year the festival is approaching parity, with 49 films directed by women.

A total of 115 films will be screened, with 10 world premieres, 17 Spanish premieres, 21 operas and 12 Catalan productions.

A new feature at this year's festival is the D’A Award, which will be awarded annually in recognition of the career of an independent filmmaker. The first award will go to Céline Sciamma, winner of the Best Screenplay Award at Cannes 2019 for Portrait of a Lady on Fire and César for Best Screenplay for My Life as a Courgette. Taking advantage of her visit, the author of titles such as Girlhood, Tomboy and Petite maman will give a masterclass for film students.

The most prolific Korean director, Hong Sang-soo, will also be present to present Walk Up. In total, nearly 40 directors and artistic teams will be attending the festival, including Emmanuel Mouret and Vincent Macaigne (director and actor, respectively, of Diary of a Fleeting Affair); João Pedro Rodrigues (Fuego Fatuo); Estibaliz Urresola (20.000 especies de abejas); Helena Wittmann (Human Flowers Of Flesh); Julián Génisson (Inmotep); Theo Montoya (Anhell69); Alejandro Rojas and Juan Sebastián Vázquez (Upon Entry); Amat Vallmajor (Misión a Marte); María Antón Cabot (Soc vertical però m’agradaria ser horitzontal); Andrea Pallaoro (Monica); Georgia Oakley (Blue Jean) and Marguerite de Hillerin (A Criança), among others.

In addition to the strong French representation - with films such as Winter Boy, directed by Christophe Honoré and starring Juliette Binoche, Vincent Lacoste and Paul Kircher; Forever Youg, bye Valeria Bruni Tedeschi; Bowling Saturne, bye Patricia Mazuy, and La ligne, by Ursula Meier–, there are other notable titles such as Marcia su Roma, by Mark Cousins; Fairytale, by Alexander Sokurov; Master Gardener, by Paul Schrader; Blue Jean, by Georgia Oakley (winner of four British Independent Film Awards); La jauría, by Andrés Ramírez Pulido, and Plan 75, by Chie Hayakawa, both awarded in Cannes; Nação Valente, by Carlos Conceição, awarded in Locarno, or Runner, by Marian Mathias, winner of the Special Jury Prize at the last San Sebastian Festival.

Tickets to see each of the screenings cost 8 euros -3, in the case of the short films- and can be purchased in advance at this link. There is also the possibility of buying a personal and non-transferable VIP pass for all the sessions for 80 euros or another one for five sessions that can be shared with other people for 30 euros.

Publication date: Monday, 20 March 2023
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