Some of the guitars that are part of the collection

The history of rock, in fifty guitars

A new museum in the heart of Barcelona shows a collection of guitars that have been used by the greatest, in a musical and immersive experience.

Barcelona is adding to its collection of private museums a new location that will delight music lovers in general and rock fans in particular. This is because this musical genre is the star of a permanent exhibition in the city centre (Portaferrissa, 16) with a selection of guitars that have passed through the hands of the greatest (pictured): from Marc Knopfler to Billy Gibbons, among many others. Welcome to Guitar Legends Hall.

With such a central location and over a thousand square metres of floor space, the new Guitar Legends Hall is sure to attract an audience of both occasional visitors and locals who won't want to miss the new attraction. Juan José Castellano, who has been a guitar enthusiast since he was a child, will be in charge of the show. When he had the opportunity to buy a Gibson guitar that had been played by Slash, the guitarist of Guns'n'Roses, he started an adventure that has not ended yet.

In this collection you will see the guitar that Slash played, but also some that have been in the hands of Mark Knopfler of Dire Straits, Dave Mustaine of Megadeth, Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top, Randy Rohads of Ozzy Osbourne's band and many more.

You'll see about fifty of them in a place located in an old palace in Portaferrissa street where, apart from seeing the guitars... you might be able to see some of the musicians who played them or, at least, their holograms. The Guitar Legends Hall provides immersive experiences, all related to the history of rock music.

You will begin your journey in an old blues bar, but you will also pass (virtually) through large stadiums, television sets or one of these great festivals that are currently being held in the middle of nature. Activate a virtual juke box, listen to record fragments in an interactive shop or find out what the different guitars on display sound like are just some of the virtual experiences you can have if you come to this museum.

If you want to relive the history of rock music through a collection of guitars, come to Guitar Legends Hall, but first check the website for all the information about the visit.

Publication date: Friday, 07 June 2024
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