Illustrations for a science accessible to everyone.

Thanks to the work of artists Verity Harrison and Carla Boserman we have known citizen science from another point of view: the illustration.

How citizen science is drawn? The answer to this question is in Live-Graphic-Reporting, an initiative that has brought science to the people by Verity Harrison's and Carla Boserman's artworks. Trough their drawings, they were responsible to explain two events of Novum, he festival of science, technology and innovation organized by BCN Innovació.

Citizen Science Day
Verity Harrison was commissioned to illustrate the Citizen Science Daya day for scientists to expose their work in this area, as well as their concerns and challenges when they have to explain science to citizens.

During the day, Verity did a mural where he made a drawing of all the projects presented. The resulting sketching can be downloaded hereAnd the projects presented were:

. PASTA: active mobility and health.
. Citclops: monitoring of sea water by the color and transparency of the water.
. BeWater: build resilience to climate change.
. Open Bee Researchbees as evaluators of air quality.
. citizenship and scientific cooperation to maintain the ecosystem of rivers.
. Climadatstudy on climate and climate change.
. MedJelly: control and surveillance of the presence of jellyfish on beaches.

. bird watching to maintain biodiversity.
. BioBlitzBCN: days of naturalistic inquiry.

. Ibercivis: foundation dedicated to promoting citizen science.
. Bee-Path: tool for studying human mobility.
. Citi-Sense: assessment of air quality.
. Atrapa el tigre: Tiger mosquito monitoring.

. Saca la lengua: analysis of microorganisms present in the mouth.
. Observadors del mar: surveillance and monitoring of marine biodiversity in the Mediterranean.
. Flood_Up: study of the consequences of the massive rains and floods.
. Km2 del Poblenou: city map.
. Obsea: seafloor observatory to study the biodiversity.
. Il·lustraciència: promotion of scientific illustration.
. Wiki4HE: Wikipedia promotion among college students.
. Dr Brain: experiment on human behavior in the 2014 Dau Barcelona.
. PIA: monitoring and warning about allergenic plants in Barcelona.
. Open WetLabmeeting place for artists, scientists, designers and makers.
. a responsible food (potatoes, basically).

The Raval from the air
Carla Boserman, 
meanwhile, was commissioned to illustrate the Cartografia aèria del barri. An idea of ​​the New York Public Lab foundation that cares for the environment and public space using low cost tools available to the public. With the help of a balloon and a very affordable price any space (for example, the Raval)  can be mapped from the air. Carla illustrations of how the process was done during the Novum, can be seen here.

Publication date: Tuesday, 05 May 2015
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