One of the guided tours of El Born CCM

Memories of colonial Barcelona

The Born CCM is organising an itinerary that shows the historical importance of the city's relations with America and Africa from both an urbanistic and social point of view.

On Sundays 26 March, 30 April and 4 June you will have the opportunity to take part in the guided tour entitled Esclavisme i ciutat. Una memòria colonial de Barcelona. Organised by El Born Centre for Culture and Memory, it is in Catalan and lasts approximately two hours. Registration, which costs €4, must be made in advance. Places are limited.

The itinerary aims to show the impact that the colonial world had on the history of the city, both in terms of urban planning and social customs. A couple of examples: the fashions that began around 1700, such as drinking chocolate, coffee and smoking tobacco, and the constructions that from the 19th century onwards became present in Barcelona, promoted by Indians after their return from America with deep pockets. But the title of the itinerary also includes the word "slavery". This route puts the finger on the sore point of a rather taboo subject until not so many years ago, namely the exploitation of the native population or directly the cases of slavery that took place in the colonial years. A story that moves away from the triumphal one that links colonialism and modernity, hiding the stories of inequality.

The activity starts at El Born CCM itself and visits the archaeological site and its surroundings. And if you still want to know more about this topic, you can find in this link the conferences held in 2021 under the name Slavery in Barcelona. A silenced history.

More information on the itinerary and registration, here.

Publication date: Monday, 20 March 2023
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