El millor disseny de l'any will be one of the exhibitions of this 2022

What's new at the municipal museums in 2022?

The Institut de Cultura is introducing a sneak peek of the key initiatives, which include actions such as 'Nit dels Museus', 'in Museu' and 'Barcelona Dibuixa'.

The Institut de Cultura de Barcelona (ICUB) has introduced in a press conference the new season of exhibitions in the city's municipal museums. After a complicated 2020 and 2021, the museums face the new year with their gaze set on regaining stability and offering a wide range of exhibitions and activities for the public.

Firstly, activity programmes will be maintained for all audiences, from children in schools to the elderly in care homes. And, as long as the health conditions allow it, the already consolidated activities involving the whole city, such as the Nits dels Museus, in Museum and Barcelona Dibuixa, will be resumed, with the support of the ICUB's administration of History, Memory and Heritage.

They are joint heritage-focused activities, which are extremely popular. One of them is la Nit dels Museus, which will reach its 14th edition in 2022 and allows people to visit museums for free during one evening in May, until 1 a.m. Before that, on the first Saturday of February, they will celebrate in Museu, which will offer the chance to access usually restricted areas, such as the collections' storage or restoration workshops, with the help of expert guides and curators, restorers, archivists and other professionals.

Within the context of the Festival Grec, they will celebrate Creació i Museus, one of the events closest to the field of experimentation and dialogue with heritage. It is the result of the artistic marriage between museums and their collections, on the one hand, and creative factories, on the other. And at the end of October, it will be the turn of Barcelona Dibuixa, a day full of workshops and activities around drawing for all ages, led by renowned professionals.

When it comes to exhibitions, in 2022, they will open new ones with rich and varied themes. They will be ranging from texts and large format portraits by writer Primo Levi at El Born CCM (from 29 April to 26 June) to the Reptes de l’habitatge a la Barcelona del segle XX at the MUHBA (from June 2022 to June 2023).

In spring, the Museu del Disseny will host Transgressions, which will showcase a selection of newly acquired contemporary ceramics pieces curated by Isabel Fernández. They will also host the FAD's annual exhibition El millor disseny de l’any, with the finalist works from each discipline.

From 11 to 27 March at L'Auditori, you will be able to enjoy Tot escoltant Gerhard, coinciding with the concert La Pesta. It is a collaboration with the Departament de Cultura de la Generalitat that will bring the Robert Gerhard year to a close. In the framework of the European project Taking Care in the annexed space Showcase exhibitions located in the reception of the Museu Etnològic i de Cultures del Món in Montcada Street, they will host, from March to June, a free experimental exhibition. It is the result of Narelle Jubelin's artist residency in 2020 and the collaboration with Pedro Wonaeamirri. The exhibition will establish a creative and discursive contemporary dialogue intertwined with the Tiwi Islands collections held at the museum.

From 5 April to 25 September, the Museu Picasso will introduce L’època blava a la col·lecció, curated by Reyes Jiménez. And in May, L'hort medieval del Monestir de Pedralbes will be inaugurated. It is a holistic project on the food, health and daily habits of women in the Middle Ages under the direction of M. Antònia Martí Escayol and Joan Solé. To complete this overview of the first half of 2022, on 16 June, the Arxiu Fotogràfic will travel back to 1860 to document the monumentality and innovation of the city in Fotografia i modernitat en la Barcelona del s. XIX, curated by Núria F. Rius.

Publication date: Monday, 27 December 2021
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