Inside Santa Maria del Mar

Santa Maria del Mar opens up its roof

The church will be offering guided tours to discover more spaces in the Basilica.

For centuries upon centuries, the Santa Maria del Mar church has been part of the city of Barcelona, which back in the day was the Roman colony Barcino. It developed with its surroundings, with the most important changes taking place in the 14th Century, when advances and the city's economic situation laid the groundwork for the current structure. The church was built between 1329 and 1383, a process that was carried out by workers, fishermen and common people from the neighbourhood. Now the church is opening up spaces such as the towers, the roof, the gallery and the crypt for you with guided tours that include a lot of unseen parts. You can’t miss out on these tours to understand how the church was built and how it has developed while also enjoying unbeatable views of the city.

The Santa Maria del Mar Church will be putting on these tours on a permanent basis in two different formats: the complete tour which lasts 1 hour with access to all the spaces or a shorter visit just of the towers and roof terraces. The times will differ depending on the language of the tour – Catalan, Spanish or English – and will run from Monday to Sunday, between 12 pm and 5.15 pm. During the summer months, there will be another tour at 6 pm.

The tour will cost €10 for the full tour or €8.50 for the tour of the towers and roof terraces. You can check the times and buy your tickets on the Santa Maria del Mar website.

Publication date: Thursday, 16 January 2020
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