Música al carrer

More music on Barcelona's streets

This June, there’ll be fourteen new points in five districts where you'll be able to hear live music.


Street music is a project under the Barcelona Institute of Culture’s Living Culture programme, an initiative that aims to bring order to, coordinate and promote street music and to make it accessible to every city resident, guaranteeing positive community life between artists, local residents and passers-by. The “Street music” project had been operating as usual in Ciutat Vella with eighteen active points since 2004. Fourteen new points have been set up in the city’s districts this June, and the planned extension will conclude in September, when there will be close to fifty music points distributed around the city’s ten districts. 

The circuit's extension is part of the implementation of Barcelona City Council’s Cultural Rights Plan, presented a year ago. More specifically, it is one of the points included in the measure “Culture and public space: right to street access and cultural participation”. The new measure is an attempt to champion public space as one of the main settings of the city’s cultural life. An ideal space for ensuring access to culture and promoting cultural participation sustainably, while attending to very diverse needs and realities and making these uses compatible with positive community life for local residents.

The new spaces where you can already enjoy live music this month are as follows:

- Eixample: Mercat de Sant Antoni, Sagrada Família, Avinguda de Gaudí and Passeig de Sant Joan.
- Sants-Montjuïc: Placeta de Ramon Torres Casanova, Carrer del Callao, Carrer de la Creu Coberta and Plaça de la Bella Dorita.
- Sarrià - Sant Gervasi: Plaça de Molina and Plaça de la Bonanova.
- Nou Barris: Plaça de Can Basté and Passeig de Verdum
- Sant Andreu: Plaça del Comerç and Carrer Gran de Sant Andreu

Both the selection of the points and the project's implementation have been made in collaboration with the programme's coordinators (Barcelona Institute of Culture) and the city’s various districts and Department of Urban Ecology.

Further information from this link.

Publication date: Friday, 10 June 2022
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