1st International Congress on Sports in Big Cities


The 1st International Congress on Sports in Big Cities ends

During two days, the INEFC of Barcelona has been the venue of the 1st Congress on Sports in which sports models have been debated with the key points about the sport in the future.

During the two days, 600 congressmen and more than 60 speakers from all over the world and experts in sports have talked about everything related to sport in the cities. Sports facilities, governance, public space, active cities and big events have been the main topics of debate in the Congress.

They have also talked about gender and sport, the cities and the game, active aging, youth and social inclusion and diversity in sport. Finally, essential glances put the end before the official closure of this 1st International Congress on Sports in Big Cities.

Current news

01/04/2019 Greg Clark recognises Barcelona as a great sports city

The prestigious British advisor gave an inaugural master class addressing aspects such as cities, the future and sport.

01/04/2019 The future of Public Space in cities, by Mogens Kirkeby

On 20 March, Public Space expert Mogens Kirkeby was tasked with giving a talk on the field of Public Spaces in the 1st International Congress of Sport in Major Cities.

29/03/2019 The keys to sport and governance, by Luis V. Solar Cubillas

Professor Luis V. Solar Cubillas, former director of sports at Bilbao and Barakaldo City Councils, outlined the keys to sport and governance as part of the 1st International Congress on Sports in Big Cities.

29/03/2019 Eleonora Bauer explains how to achieve active cities

The director of Buenos Aires Ciudad Activa stressed the importance of citizens doing sport and that "if cities don’t plan movement, we’ll soon have a major health crisis".

Areas of work and debate

Four visions of sport in big cities

Four experts offer their vision of sport in Barcelona from sociological, urban planning, historical and economic perspectives.

According to the survey on sports habits among the adult population in Barcelona (Barcelona City Council. Barcelona Institute of Sports, 2017), in 2017, some 71.6% of Barcelona inhabitants over the age of 17 did sport.

Núria Puig

Social and Educational Investigation Group for Physical Education and Sports – GISEAFE
Catalan's National Institute for Physical Education, Barcelona

In recent decades, recognition of the importance of sport has become stronger in terms of greater media coverage of big sports events and also people's habits when it comes to taking part in sports activities. ...

Júlia Bosch

Pompeu Fabra University Barcelona

To what extent are cities, sport (in the broadest sense of the word) and urban design related?

Juan-Andrés Hernando López

Urban planner Architect

There's no doubt that sport is a modern urban phenomenon which is linked to the development of cities which experienced exponential growth in the 20th century.

Conrad Vilanou

University of Barcelona

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