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In force until December, 10

  • Inside bars and restaurants, gyms, sports venues and homes for the elderly: Covid certificate

  • No limit on number of people for social gatherings It is recommended that people gather in groups of no more than ten

  • Face masks obligatory for indoor spaces 

  • Nightlife venues: 80% capacity and Covid certificates 

  • All activities are resuming their usual public opening times 

  • Indoor celebrations at hotels and restaurants that include dancing: Covid certificate

  • Shops and shopping centres: 100% capacity

  • Bars and restaurants: 100% capacity and no limit on people per table

  • Cinemas, theatres and concert venues: 100% capacity

  • Sport: 100% capacity outdoors and indoors

Support measures

We will continue to offer city residents our social, economic and emotional support, putting special attention on the most vulnerable.

What should i do if i have symptoms of Covid-19?

If you’ve got Covid-19 symptoms or you’ve been in contact with somebody diagnosed with it, get in touch with your primary healthcare centre or call 061 (freephone number).. Stay at home and isolate yourself from all other householders.

And remember that the main measures for slowing down the transmission of the virus are: maintain a safety distance, wash your hands, use a facemask, reduce social contact as far as possible and avoid crowds.

If you have a condition which puts you at risk, take extra care with your precautions.

Here you will also find information on vaccines against Covid-19 and the vaccination campaign.

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