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Face masks on for everything - Plenty of ventilation - Few contacts

Full information on COVID-19-related disruptions in Barcelona

What is happening?

Given the surge in the number of cases of COVID-19, the Spanish government has declared a state of emergency so that Spain's regional governments can adopt the necessary measures for containing the pandemic. With the infection rate now improving in Catalonia, the Catalan government is implementing a plan to gradually lift restrictions as from 23 November.

Public cooperation is crucial for halting the spread of the virus. Everyone must take precautions and follow the safety measures at all times.

Support measures

We will continue to offer city residents our social, economic and emotional support, putting special attention on the most vulnerable.

What should I do if I’ve got Covid-19 symptoms?

If you’ve got Covid-19 symptoms or you’ve been in contact with somebody diagnosed with it, get in touch with your primary healthcare centre or call 061 (freephone number).. Stay at home and isolate yourself from all other householders.

What is home isolation and how does it have to be carried out?

Home isolation is intended to prevent the infection from spreading. 

Medical professionals will tell you if you have to stay in quarantine and the measures you need to follow.

What can be done to protect against the virus?

Maintaining safety distances, hand-washing, the use of face masks, keeping social contact to an absolute minimum and avoiding build-ups of people are the main measures for stopping the transmission of the virus. If you have a condition which puts you at risk, take extra care with your precautions.

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