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 Nova Normalitat Background
 Nova Normalitat Background
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What is happening?

The COVID-19 pandemic led to Spain's declaration of the State of Emergency and a general lockdown since 14 March, followed by a lockdown-exit process that has now finished. Once again, we have demonstrated we are capable, in difficult situations, of helping one another and showing solidarity, prioritising actions so no one is left behind and rising to the challenge of dealing with uncertainties. We are now embarking on the path to returning to normal and it is very important we continue to abide by the protective measures and recommendations of the health authorities to prevent new outbreaks. We will make it possible, between us all!

Stages of the lockdown exit process

Support measures

We will continue to offer city residents our social, economic and emotional support during the process for returning to normal, putting special attention on the most vulnerable.

Measures for the new normal

After passing through the various stages of the COVID-19 lockdown exit, Barcelona will be joining the new normal. This new period involves a gradual resumption of the usual activities while the necessary prevention and health measures are maintained. Find out more!

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The current situation is a huge challenge for all families with children, that have had to adapt to the health emergency and its requirements. 

Children are very important for the city. Now we can all pull together to turn this challenge into an opportunity to look after ourselves and learn together. To share.

That’s why we invited them to explain their experiences and express their feelings in “Estimat diari”. Now that the state of emergency is over, “Estimat diari” is ending and will act as a showcase for the creations that the children of Barcelona shared during this period.

From September, you can send questions again to the Mayor, Ada Colau, who will be replying to them regularly on YouTube and IGTV.

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Health advice


Some of the health tips you should follow during the new normality period include washing your hands and respecting the minimum safety distance while shopping. If you have symptoms, it's important to isolate yourself from others and to use the health system responsibly.

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Barcelona's got power

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