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New civic behaviour, street cleaning and selective waste collection campaign in El Raval off the back of neighbourhood meetings

A four-person team will head to the neighbourhood’s streets and shops with a view to correcting bad practices.

14/06/2022 - 16:24 h - Environment and sustainability Ecologia Urbana

The Barcelona City Council has launched a new street cleaning and waste management campaign in the El Raval neighbourhood, which includes information activities that seek to raise awareness of the correct functioning of the various waste collection systems, how to separate waste correctly and how to keep the neighbourhood’s streets and squares clean.

This campaign responds to requests that the Un Raval Com Cal organisation has received from local residents. The activities, which will be of an informative nature and will take place at the beginning of July, will be carried out in the most problematic points in the neighbourhood. These are primarily areas where waste builds up outside of pneumatic waste collection drop-boxes and recycling bins and dirt and food waste is found on the street.

The campaign seeks to find solutions to the main dirt and waste-related problems in the neighbourhood, including the improper use of litter bins; the disposal of rubbish bags, furniture and old junk on the street; and faeces and urine on the pavement.

Besides interactions with citizens on the street, the environmental education team will visit shops in the neighbourhood to remind them of the proper use of recycling bins; the different types of waste and how they should be managed; and the different waste disposal timetables.

This year’s civic behaviour and co-existence clean-up campaign will also be present in the neighbourhood through removable stickers placed on the litter bins, recycling bins and pneumatic drop-boxes where most incidents have been detected. 

Loving Barcelona means looking after it

This campaign is part of a global co-responsibility citizen plan and seeks to reduce uncivil behaviour in the city’s public spaces while improving coexistence. The plan seeks to reinforce the cleaning of graffiti, increase the frequency of commercial collection services, reduce actions linked to the overflowing of recycling bins and implement new measures to prevent the presence of bulky waste in public spaces.

In designing all the activities that form part of the Cuidem Barcelona campaign, citizens and neighbourhood associations are kept very much in mind and the Barcelona City Council lends support to citizens’ initiatives and community civic actions.