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Service’s news developments

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More investment

We have increased our budget for cleaning and waste collection by almost €30 million to €300 million a year (14% more).

More staff

Our cleaning and waste collection services are taking on another 400 people. This will raise the current number of staff to 4,400.

More frequent

There is more frequent cleaning in the areas identified has having a greater need. There is also more cleaning in parks and containers and more water-cleaning services at certain points in the city.

New fleet of vehicles

We’re renovating our fleet of vehicles: 870 are electric. That way we’re improving air quality and reducing noise.

New containers

The new containers are lower, to improve their visibility, and come in different sizes, to meet the needs of each area.

Adapted to the neighbourhoods

The new street cleaning service is adapted to the features and needs of each neighbourhood.

More effective teams

We're offering a more effective service, using teams who can sweep, clean or collect waste depending on the situations they encounter.

From packaging to recyclables

From now on, there will be a single container for recycling light, plastic and metal packaging.

Specialist machinery

We are using machinery adapted for cleaning the city’s new spaces, such cycle lanes or traffic-calmed areas.

More convenient recycling

The new containers have lids adjusted to the size and shape of the waste that is dumped in them.

Made-to-measure selective waste collection

Selective waste collection is also adapted to the various urban spaces, such as historical centres.