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More resources for inspecting the cleaning and waste collection service

Barcelona City Council has agreed to take administrative steps to triple the budget for inspecting the cleaning and waste collection service. The goal is to step up weekly inspections from 600 to 1,800, monitor the service, apply improvements in real time and automatise the management of incidents.

04/07/2023 - 19:05 h - Environment and sustainability Ajuntament de Barcelona

Service inspections conducted by the four companies contracted to provide the cleaning and waste collection service in Barcelona detect imbalances so that corrective measures can be applied swiftly. In cases where inspections find non-compliance, the contracted companies will incur fines of between 400 and 2,400 euros a month, depending on the number of cases on non-compliance detected.

Thirty neighbourhood cleaning brigades

The City Council has also agreed to bolster neighbourhood cleaning brigades by adding nine teams to the current 25, handling alerts and cleaning requests from members of the public and quickly resolving imbalances in service. In all, 68 people will be working in this area.

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