Capgròs de Mossèn Filomeno

Fact sheet

Occasionally a simple generic big head festival figure has a special personality and a very important role to play in the giant and big head festivities that take place in Barcelona. Such is the case of Father Filomeno, a big head from Raval with a very special festive function, as he is required to act as a master of ceremonies for all kinds of festivities involving the traditional giants all over the city. The events he most frequently presides over are undoubtedly marriages between two giants and baptisms of new pieces of festival imagery.

Father Filomeno is part of a group of four generic big heads that were acquired in 1985 from the El Ingenio workshop. Years later, these generic big heads were restored by Àlex Jodar from the El Mussol workshop and each was given its own personality. The characters are La Nena (The Girl), El Nen (The Boy) and l’Espavilat (The Smart One), also known as Hippy by the big head carriers from the association Amics dels Gegants Ramon i Lola. In 2018, Francina Raspall restored the four big heads and made them new costumes.