Capgrossos de la Trinitat Vella

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In 2002 the theatre group La Jarra Azul built a pair of big heads who went on to become the first festive figures belonging to the neighbourhood of Trinitat Vella. The figures, christened Embús and Ronda, are fun characters who were conceived to protest at the constant traffic jams endured by local residents.

In 2008, following an ideas contest among pupils at schools in the neighbourhood, La Jarra Azul created another pair of big heads. The new figures, chosen by the children, represent a dog and a grandmother and are named Nus and Meridiana respectively. Grandmother Meridiana became an authentic tribute to the elderly people of Trinitat Vella.

Originally, the big heads belonged to the Associació Teatral La Jarra Azul, which also wore them. They were later passed onto the Trinitat Vella giants group when it was set up.