Fira de Reis per Sant Tomàs

Activity dates

Dates de celebració

Around the feast of Sant Tomàs, December 21


From the end of December to Kings' Day (6 January) the Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes is lined with the stalls of a Christmas fair whose origins date back to 1877, the Fira de Sant Tomàs i Reis. It is organised by the stallholders and craft workshop associations, the Associació de Firaires de la Fira de Sant Tomàs and the Associació de Tallers Artesans de la Gran Via, in collaboration with the toy sellers', xurro sellers' and artisans guilds: the Gremi de Detallistes de Joguines, the Gremi de Xurrers de Catalunya and the Gremi d'Artesans i Artesanes.

The stallholders set up their stalls between Carrer de Muntaner and Carrer de Calàbria, and these are split into sectors in two long rows. The fair is a veritable exhibition of costume jewellery, decorations, clothes and ceramics but they also sell sweets, toys and gift items. What's more, visitors can eat chocolate and xurros made at the market.

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Associació de Firaires de la Fira de Sant Tomàs i l'Associació de Tallers Artesans de la Gran Via