Palmes and palmons de Rams

Imatge destacada

Palmes and palmons are the crafted tender palm leaves that godparents give to their godchildren on Palm Sunday, the Dia de Rams. Palmons are large simple pieces made from a whole leaf. The making of palmes, though, needs a lot more technique, because the leaves are woven into a lattice, in a similar way to basket making. In the past palmes were used more by girls, while boys used to carry palmons.

They are typical of the Palm Sunday celebrations because they are a reminder of Jesus' triumphant entry into Jerusalem, where, according to the holy scriptures, he was received by a host of people holding branches. At the end of the Palm Sunday mass there is a procession where the palmes, palmons and laurel branches are blessed. In some homes it is still traditional to hang the blessed palm leaf on the balcony and leave it there all year, as it is believed that it gives protection and brings good luck.

Prior to this festival many villages and towns hold specialist fairs where you can find palmes and palmons as well as all manner of ribbons, tassels, figurines and sweets to decorate them with. For many years, in the week before Palm Sunday there has been a fair on the Rambla de Catalunya in Barcelona.